Superfoods & Smoothies

  • Alfalfa Powder 150g

    SAFE "s Alfalfa Powder is a superfood that is naturally high in plant-based calcium, giving it unparalleled alkalising properties. Alfalfa is historically known as the father of all foods" due to ...

    24,00 EUR

  • Citramin 500ml

    Citramin is a unique mineral complex, which brings together the alps and the ocean. At the end of the last ice age, melting glaciers created a one of a kind organic fluvic (plant-based) mineral-ric...

    35,00 EUR

  • Coral Calcium Powder 200g

    SAFE™’s Coral Calcium is harvested from ancient reef sediments that are prized for their easily absorbable balance of calcium, magnesium and trace minerals. Coral is chemically similar to the human skeleton, and the ideal 2:1 ratio of natural calcium to magnesium assists with bone strength and muscle support. Coral Calcium may also help to restore healthy pH balance in the body. Calcium supplementation is particularly important for those who require more calcium in their diet.

    52,00 EUR

  • Green Barley Powder 200g

    SAFE™'s Green Barley Powder is an entirely natural, organic superfood and dietary supplement, delivering vital cellular nutrition. The young barley shoots are dried at body temperature to retain a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and amino acids, essential in the daily diet. Providing a rich source of Superoxide Dismutase and many other enzymes. Green Barley Powder naturally cleanses the body's cells, boosts red blood cells and helps balance pH.

    21,00 EUR

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